Welcome To Our Trainig Services

The mission of the Amaira Man Power Services, is to contribute to the more efficient and effective functioning. Which providing high quality job training, employment, market information.

Amaira Man Power job training programs grants to candidates for public employment service programs. We Give Proper Training To The Candidate Before Setting Up Interview Date. Our Intention Behind It-We have all been involved in training situations, either as the trainee or as the trainer. Your best trainers are those who have been trained on many different occasions. Outstanding trainers know what works and what does not work, because they have experienced the best and the worst of training situations.

    • As a trainer try to remember what it was like when you were trained as an employee. Incorporate what worked, and avoid what did not work.Give the employee to be trained reading material in advance of the training. This not only builds excitement and anticipation with the trainee, it also helps to alleviate their concerns about the content of the training. They will have the opportunity to come to training prepared to get started.
    • Assign an ambassador to the trainee. This is a person who the trainee can call ahead of time to help walk him or her through the initial phases of employment prior to the beginning of employee training. This helps keep the new hire ‘warm’ and feel good about his or her decision to join your company. It helps avoid buyer’s remorse from the time the employee accepted your offer until the time they begin training.
    • Be very clear and specific with what to expect during the training. This includes location, length of training time, dress code, and agenda. The more the employees being trained know, the more at ease they will be prior and during the training.
    • An employee being trained will have a lot to absorb, so whatever handouts or training manual you can provide as an ongoing resource will help the trainee after the training is complete.
    • Be sure to take time explaining procedures and policies. Patience is a virtue when it comes to training. Some folks learn a bit slower than others, so try to go the speed of your slowest learner. It may take more than once to explain something in order for it to be understood. It takes time to learn, so make sure you allow enough time for the training to proceed at a reasonable pace.
    • When the trainee is ready, have him or her perform the tasks being taught. Remember to be patient, and correct mistakes in a kindly manner.
    • New employees being trained understand procedures quicker when they understand the reasoning behind those tasks. So invest the time to explain the logic behind the step-by-step actions.
    • Assign a coach to the employee being trained. Rather than ‘cutting’ the trainee loose after training, the coach will help the new hire ease the transition to working independently. Please note that we use the word ‘coach’ rather than ‘mentor’ because mentors cannot be assigned; they are chosen by the two people involved (trainee and mentor) rather than being assigned by a third party. It is the difference between a forced marriage, and a chosen marriage.
    • Finally encourage and give recognition to the employee being trained. A show of appreciation for the trainee is a welcome gesture for any new hire.